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Päivi Koskinen

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Hello, I’m Päivi, Real Estate Agent, LKV and a co-owner

I have worked in sales all my life and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

For me it's very important to serve the client personally and that the client can trust me and the way I work. 

You can contact me easily, I'll give you my full attention. I'll listen to you and care about your situation and your needs.

I have worked as an agent in Finland for more than five years and I was a top seller. Thanks for my customers and the Solid House team.

Spain has become familiar to me since the 90s. I’ve gotten to know the culture and the way of working here.

A few years ago I was working in Fuengirola at a local real estate agency and now I've finally come to stay. I believe in myself and Solid House have a lot to offer here.

I want to give the same safe experience to my customers in Costa del Sol that I have offered in Finland. Buying and selling property is one biggest deals in life for many, so it is not irrelevant how they are handled. I will give all my know-how so that we can reach a good result together.

Let’s make great job together <3

Did you know this about me?

  1. I have two loving grown chlidren

  2. There should be humor in every day

  3. I think positively and I have ability to find good solutions to problematic situations

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