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Licensed Real Estate Agent, YKV, LKV

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🌸 Serving you professionally with heart since 2006 🌸

I am a quick-witted and energetically efficient broker who wants to find everyone their own dream home.

In Finland, my colleagues will help you with housing transactions and I will find you a new home, holiday home or investment apartment here in Spain.

I never promise too much, but I deliver and show by working purposefully and professionally for your housing matters.

I myself have a natural need to stay up-to-date and learn about new things. By developing myself, I have always been able to serve my customers even better with modern tools and methods. Social marketing is part of selling an apartment.

Contact me when you and your family want a professional real estate agent (YKV, senior real estate agent) who handles your housing transaction safely and with genuine care.


Tuija Tuomi
Senior real estate agent

+358 50 560 6944
+34 65 879 0493

Feel free to contact me when you need an efficient, professional, sales-minded real estate agent!


This you didn't know about me

  1. Situational awareness, a twinkle in the eye and professionalism is a combo that takes care of everything. I always do more than was promised😉
  2. I have also trained in social media and sales
  3. Ice hockey is The sport I follow
  4. I relax at the gym, which means I don't answer the phone, otherwise you can always catch me quickly